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MSc in IT Management

Degree Programme Objectives

Over the last decades IT has impacted on the ways of doing business. For good reasons IT is counted among the driving forces of globalisation. IT has reduced barriers, bridged time zones and connected organisations and people in unknown and permanently new ways.

Democratisation of consumption, of innovation and knowledge are just a few of the new concepts, which have changed the agenda of institutions forever. New business opportunities, frequently related to new IT-based business models are one side of the coin, but there is also the other side, the creative destruction of established industries, which are more and more replaced by the virtual space.

These arguments have shaped the mission of the MSc in IT Management. As good as any technology can be, it needs human knowledge, skills, and creativity to transform technological possibilities into business opportunities. The MSc in IT Management understands itself as bridging and connecting businesses and markets by technology.

The MSc in IT Management is designed and structured to build a sound understanding of the key areas of IT and business-practice in the complex and challenging environment of the global business in the 21st century, but also with a particular focus on sustainability and ethics.


Shared aims unite the modules in the MSc in IT Management. These common aims are:

  • Understand current practices and issues in IT Management and to apply this knowledge and understanding in practical terms.
  • Apply effectively analytical and critical evaluation skills.
  • Undertake the formulation and apply problem-solving skills for all levels of IT management.
  • Critically understand the various philosophies and methods of research and selection of the most appropriate application to solve management and operational problems by effective use of IT.
  • To develop the reflective manager engaged in a lifelong cycle of learning, who respects corporate responsibility and sustainability by high standards of moral actions and ethical behaviour.

Programme Content

The Compulsory Modules that candidates study are:

  1. Enterprise Systems
  2. E-business
  3. Operations Management
  4. Business Intelligence
  5. IT for Business Innovation
  6. Information Technology Security
  7. IT-related Research Methods
  8. Dissertation

Optional Modules for intensifying/specialisation studies are:

  • IT Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • IT for Business Innovation

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