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Master of Business Administration

What are the Benefits of MBA

  • Discover your leadership skills
  • Grow self confidence
  • Enhance opportunities for career change
  • Improve analytical and problem solving skills
  • Solve complex management and business problems for the benefit of your organisation
  • Confidence in decision making
  • Apply new management practices
  • Develop creative ideas for change
  • Accelerate your career
  • Job security
  • Be recognised

MBA graduates are creative, innovative managers with leadership capabilities possessing critical problem solving skills and abilities to implement new strategies and effect organisational change. For others it will enhance their entrepreneurial acumen.

Our online Intensive Masters of Business Administration programme (MBA) is designed to put knowledge, skills and your work experience into practice.

You will throughout the Online MBA course programme develop critical analytical and problem solving skills through a range of real world case studies and online discussions with other course participants.

At the end of the course you will have:

  • A Critical understanding how organisations can be transformed to perform effectively
  • Master critical management skills in people, resources and finance
  • The confidence in making those critical decisions as a result of your acquired analytical skills.
  • Formed and implement a leadership approach and style to achieve improved organisational performance.
  • The ability to communicate your ideas and thinking effectively.

Our MBA comprises of 7 Core subjects:

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Management Information System
  3. Organisational Behaviour
  4. Operations Management
  5. Applied Financial Management
  6. Strategic Marketing
  7. International Business Management

And 1 elective from the following specialist subjects

  • Digital Transformation
  • Project Management
  • Organisational Development and Change
  • Management and Financial Accounting
  • Consultancy Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Supply Chain Management

And a final Consultancy Project

We expect our online students to complete the whole MBA including the final project to take approximately 18 months.

Our MBA Course fees are competitive - € 4,800 which includes all learning resources and a project supervisor