IPE Management School Paris is a well established and internationally acknowledged Higher Education Institution - a Grande Ecole within the Réseau des Grandes Ecoles Specialisées (GES), IPE together with our other Institutions of GES (delivers Undergraduate and Postgraduate level degrees whose key objective is to educate managers with superior skills and capabilities to enable them to make ongoing and lasting contributions to the global economy and their Society as a whole.

Our other Institutions that are wholly owned that are part of the GES Network include:

PPA – Paris Pôle Alternance – delivers Undergraduate and Post Graduate Degrees in Paris
EIML – Ecole Internationale de Marketing du Luxe – Degree programmes in Luxury Management
ESGI – Ecole Supérieure de Génie Informatique – Computer Science degrees
ICAN – Institut de Création et Animation Numériques – Digital technology and game design
ECITV – Ecole du Digital l’Audiovisuel en Alternance – Web and Audiovisual

GES operates in 4 campus sites in Paris for a student population of over 4,500 students. Our working relationship with over 2,500 French businesses and companies ensures that our programmes are relevant to the needs of industry today.

IPE Management School Paris not only delivers its programmes in France but in a rapidly increasing number of countries on various continents as well. IPE Management School believes in extending our International presence to enable managers in overseas locations to have the opportunities to enhance their Professional careers.

IPE Management School Paris’s working in partnership with our overseas partners deliver programmes that are valid and applicable for their environments. Quality programmes that not only fulfill our academic requirements but are tailored to the needs of local industries.

Our teaching and learning strategies together with our local educational providers include a rich Virtual Learning Environment, supplemented with classroom discussions and tutorial sessions.

The current high ranking of Paris Pole Alternance (PPA) our sister Management and Business School in France reflects upon the quality of our teaching, our faculty and professional approach. We are committed to excellence by embracing the latest research-based knowledge for the value-oriented economy.