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MSc in International Trade and Law

Degree Programme Objectives

For various reasons this Degree is a flagship proposition to students. This Degree underpins IPE Management School Paris’ international excellence by the collaboration with the International Trade and Law Institute of South Korea’s globally famous Pusan National University.

Firstly the MSc in International Trade and Law offers unique insights and first class knowledge into forces and drivers of globalisation. Students are introduced to leading concepts guiding the future marketplace of the world. Secondly, the hybrid structure of this programme is ideal for those with a management background needing to understand legal implications in different countries, as it is a perfect addition for those having a background in law and need to extend their knowledge and capabilities on markets and business practices. Thirdly the globally oriented French-South Korean collaboration offers students advantages with reference to the ever-growing importance of relationships between the Western world and the Far East.

Students can expect a state of the art curriculum, which is practice-oriented, but research-led bringing their skills to the latest standard.


  • Introduction into issues of international laws and regulations for trading on a global scale.
  • International market orientation and differences in trading and business practices.
  • Consideration of forces driving the process of globalisation.
  • In-depth knowledge on differences in market entries, market developments and strategic opportunities on global markets.
  • Soft skills like respect for different cultures, awareness of different forms of negotiations and related legal issues.
  • Reflective approaches embracing different factors of sustainability, differences in moral and ethical attitudes for long-term and stable relationships in different parts of the world.

Programme Content

Interested students are invited to download the Programme Outline for detailed information on the course. The studies are certainly challenging, but feasible. Graduates will have gained superior capabilities by a first class Degree immediately expressing the high knowledge to employers seeking specialists for international development and progress.

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