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MSc in Automotive Management

Degree Programme Objectives

Automotive Management is a very challenging task. Not only the impact of the global financial crisis has changed the landscape and requests new strategies in all areas of this industry. Consumers’ expectations have increased significantly and shifted values and motivation factors when buying a new car. To all these complexities further add environmental concerns resulting in stricter and stiffer regulations and the truly global automotive competition is a prototype of what is known as hyper-competition.

This demanding context requests highly skilled and strategy-oriented managers on all levels of an organisation. Permanently changing critical success factors and key performance indicators need to be developed and carefully implemented. Technological advancements drive the automotive industry and the shift of the previous key markets Europe and the USA to Asia, as the source of tomorrow’s demands, requests anticipated and pro-active planning.

This Postgraduate programme of Master studies starts with an introduction to general management. On top of this are carefully designed modules, specialising students in the contemporary management of the automotive industry and are offering deep insights into successful and sustainable management.


The MSc Programme is designed to help candidates enhance and extend their knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Develop critical thinking and analytical approaches to theories and practices of contemporary management theory with a specific perspective on effects in the automotive industry.
  • Enhance the ability to read, understand and make sense of specific situations, which drive the automotive industry in national, international and global contexts.
  • Build the capacity to evaluate and critically select between management tools, techniques and models for diverse requirements.
  • Increase the capacity to lead and work in teams, and effectively manage problem-solving practices supported by an interdisciplinary and holistic understanding.
  • Expand candidates’ repertoire of creativity and strengthen knowledge of how to translate creative ideas into practice.
  • Develop the reflective and ethical automotive manager embracing a profound understanding of issues of sustainability and the environment.

Programme Content

The Compulsory Modules that candidates study are:

  • Strategic Management
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Research Methods
  • Automotive Marketing
  • Development Management in the Vehicle Industry
  • After Sales Management
  • Dissertation (Applied Research, 15,000 words).