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MSc in Management

Degree Programme Objectives

General Management requires a cross-functional and cross-disciplinary understanding. General Managers do not only need a sound understanding of the various organisational functions and their activities, they also need to have the capability to evaluate and monitor functionsí interactions and interconnectedness with reference to the organisational value chain.

Frequently studies in management are perceived as not sufficiently specific. However this is an underestimation of the importance of general Management. The formulation of an organisationís vision and mission and the development of corporate strategies depends on the wider picture. What are an organisationís core competencies, what does the firm do, which are its competitive strengths? These and many more questions have to be understood in the wider picture of the internal and external environment.

The MSc in Management considers its modules as core knowledge for all those, whose role is the support of the entire organisation and its sustainable progress. Demanding markets and stakeholder expectations are driving an organisation, while competitors influence the possible radius of activities. Resources, processes and values of an organisation and their conclusive alignment are essential and shape the programme.


At the end of the programme the successful student will have the ability to:

  1. Develop a business strategy through their understanding of
    • Management Processes
    • Management Functions
    • Strategic Management
    • Individual Behaviour
    • Group Behaviour
  2. Develop analytical and critical skills to evaluate new concepts, techniques and arguments in organisational and project management
  3. Develop research skills to advise clients to improve their business and management effectiveness
  4. Develop communication skills to explain and justify range of options devised for the benefit of their clients
  5. Advise clients on restructuring and improving business performance
  6. Exercise creativity in solving management and business problems
  7. Enable the student to improve their career and entrepreneurship prospects
  8. Enable the student to have the confidence to apply knowledge and understanding to improve business practices in diverse business and cultural environments

Programme Content

Compulsory Courses

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Operations Management
  3. Human Resources Management
  4. Intercultural Management
  5. Accounting and Finance
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Management Research Methods

Option Courses